About the Ticketkeeper App

Welcome to Ticketkeeper – the easiest way to manage your event tickets hassle-free!
Our user-friendly app ensures that your ticketing experience is smooth and convenient, allowing you to focus on enjoying the event rather than worrying about your tickets.

Let’s dive into how Ticketkeeper works and why it’s such a breeze to use.

Seamless Ticket Purchase with Ticketkeeper Fulfillment

Buying Tickets with Ticketkeeper Fulfillment

  • Choose the event and number of tickets that you want, just like you’d always do.
  • Select Ticketkeeper as your fulfillment option during ticket purchase.
  • Proceed to checkout and pay as usual.
  • Receive an SMS text message with a download link if you don’t have the app already.
  • Open the Ticketkeeper app; your tickets are already there!

Already Have the App? Even Easier!

  • If already have the app installed, receive a notification immediately after checkout.
  • Open the Ticketkeeper app directly from the notification, where your tickets will appear straight away.

Unlocking Ticket Features

Transfer Tickets in a Flash

  • Transfer tickets to friends effortlessly by selecting the contact from your list.
  • App users receive a quick notification; non-users are assisted in installing the app first.
  • At the moment your friend accepts the ticket, it is moved instantly into his or her wallet.

Google Maps Integration

  • Click on the Google Maps icon to navigate to the event venue effortlessly, making your journey even more convenient.

Super focus

  • Tap the QR code to have it displayed screen-wide with high brightness. That makes scanning a breeze – sometimes, even from 2 meters distance!

Ticket Uploading for Non-Partnered Events

Manually Upload Tickets

  • For events not using Ticketkeeper as a fulfillment method, easily scan and upload your tickets.
  • Fill in event details, select date and time, and add any extra information you find handy.
  • Your manually uploaded tickets will automatically appear on the day of the event.

Convenient Deletion

  • Have the fIexibility to delete manually uploaded tickets if needed, ensuring your wallet stays organized.

Coming Soon: More Partnerships!

While we work on expanding our network of partnered events, rest assured that Ticketkeeper is continually striving to integrate with more ticket providers. Until then, enjoy the convenience of managing your tickets effortlessly through our app. Ticketkeeper – Service with a smile!

Last updated: January, 2024